The New Era of Nutrition

Rediscover Your Underlying Intelligence To Nourish You Soul. Mind. Body.

A complete mindset shift that will get you from seeking failing diet plans and sad salads to leveraging your inner intelligence and intuition!

Well, we know that you’re the superhero! But you can’t let yourself be overcome by the hot mess of information that’s available out there…

Introducing ORINITION® —a place where you get to reprogram your soul, mind and body and
rediscover your innate ability to be better, feel better, and live better – without having to force
yourself to do something.

Remember Your Birthright And Use 100% of Your Gifts…on soul.mind.body. level

YES! Imagine being able to use 100% of your abilities to include the three levels of your body, mind and soul…

How Can Orinition® Help You Become A Better,
More Self-Aware Version of Yourself?

Thorough Guidance

You receive complete guidance and encouragement to (re)accept self- responsibility for your own health which eventually translates to the quality of nutrition.

Holistic Approach to Nutrition

Our holistic approach to nutrition includes the three levels of body, mind and soul. As a result, it helps include the emotional level in nutritional concepts (e.g. in weight loss, rejuvenation, eating disorders, and food allergies).

Well-Rounded Education

You receive holistic education in the area of soul.mind.body and the energetic levels. Because of our unique Orinition© concepts and modules we
cater customized strategies for you, your family and kids as well your team members.

Customized Recommendations

Individual recommendations on specific foods and food supplements by the therapists on the basis of energetic testing procedures (including kinesiological testing, connection with one’s own higher self).

A Realm of New Possibilities

You get to explore new possibilities as we show the interested people concrete possibilities of protection and enhancement of food, drinks, medicines on an energetic basis through rituals and symbols.

Modern Approach

The world is changing and so are the
frequencies. This is where we make sure to
consider the current changes in the world
(light intensity, vibration level, global challenges,…) and bring together modern research and ancient
medicinal knowledge to get you the best results.


You’re not alone in your journey. Instead, you get a community where we are all one. We nurture and support us for growing together.

Food addictions, cravings and eating disorders often get the better of most of out. But, not anymore! Because at Orinition, we strive to help you establish a positive body image of yourself as well understanding your food challenges to overcome them.


Our Offers that Could Mean All the Difference…

After Joining ORINITION, You Get…

We are driven by the purpose of making your life better…


To make health-in-all accessible for

To create a new holistic view of
nutrition that is appropriate to the
new age with all its challenges.

This universal nutritional concept is
applicable to every human being, no
matter where on the globe, it is true to
life, simple and understandable.


Through innovative concepts and creative ideas which are developed and implemented together with like- minded people, we nurture and cherish others to re-member their full health and potential for living a happy life with all available means.

Our innovative nutrition work ORINITION© supports everyone worldwide to nurture themselves balanced and intuitively by workshops, coaching, food education and much more.

That’s not it…

We’re working hard to bring forth the best results through ORINITION® practitioners

Pioneering Research and Excel Further With Orinition


This is where the top experts and researchers band together to come up with new solutions that could mean the difference to the world as we know it!

You will be in good hands

Nurturing support towards self-loving, positive body image, 100% self-awareness and self- responsibility.

Your body.mind.soul. –

YOUR responsability!

We give you impulse, nudges and raise health literacy as well body awareness to nurture you on your path of 100% self-empowerment!

For YOU to be simply you.

No matter what.

Nothing else matters.

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